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Made in Winchester: The Yard


The Yard is a hub of creative minds, coming together to promote the visual arts in the Winchester area. They formed over ten years ago to provide affordable studio space to artists and continue to do so today. Together, they make The Yard a diverse ‘makers’ studio, producing a collection of paintings, sculptures, photography, jewellery, and more.

The Made in Winchester campaign is working to raise the profile of these local ‘makers’ and showcase their work as Winchester artists. The Yard is a brilliant example of a space that allows these creatives to thrive. Let’s dive deeper into the work of some of the artists features in our short film, Made in Winchester: In the Studio – The Yard:

The Yard
Rebecca Galbraith, a painter and architect, is one of The Yard’s resident artists. Her landscape paintings are a vibrant collection of local scenes featuring both the natural and built environment, combining her passions of art and the natural world. Works such as ‘Under the M3’ – a glimpse into the green under the busy motorway – and ‘Walk with Eurydice: South Downs’ – a sprawling panorama of the national park – are a testament to these seemingly contradictory passions. Galbraith’s artwork shows us that beauty can be found all around our local environment.

Tony SpencerTony Spencer is a visual artist, working between The Yard and his home studio in Eastleigh. His art practice currently explores the relationship between sound, sculpture and installation. Some of his recent work includes ‘No Thing ‘is’ Immediate’, geometric installations from reconditioned wooden pallets, creating vessels to contain therapeutic sound frequencies, light and colour. This project is focussed on communicating with people with neurodivergence; as an artist with dyslexia, Spencer understands the importance of creating art that supports the wellbeing of those with disabilities.

The community of artists created by The Yard is one that emphasises the importance of local collaboration and inspiration. Find out more about the Made in Winchester campaign here.

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