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Christmas unwrapped


Despite being a traditional time of gift giving and indulgence, it is possible to make your Christmas greener. If you are lucky enough to be a Winchester resident, you will know the wonderful local shopping opportunities. If you are not local, you can travel here responsibly as the city has great train and bus links. If you have to travel by car, why not carpool to reduce your carbon emissions. You can also reduce your stress and pollution by making the most of the number of park and ride opportunities.

We asked our Sustainability Ambassador, Rebecca Smith, to share her tips for a greener Christmas

  1. Plan your menus around seasonal produce, and buy them from local farm shops, delis, veg boxes, farmers market and the loose section of the supermarket. I know it’s often easier to grab the plastic bag of veg, but often it’s more than you need and definitely not grown nearby.  I’ll also guarantee you that it will taste better, last longer and look far more appealing.
  1. Set some challenges with your friends and family. I think it’s always more fun, and actually easier to buy presents when you have a target in mind. Ideas like – only buy from local independent shops, or plastic free presents only.   When you do it altogether, family members who don’t normally shop in those places discover the joy of shopping independently, without it feeling scary or a big task.
  1. Bring the outside in. Look around your garden and on walks for foliage to decorate the house with. With lots of brilliant guides on Instagram and TikTok showing how easy it is to make wreaths, tree decorations and garlands – you’ll be an expert in no time!
  1. Get creative. Make your own wrapping paper, Christmas cards and gift cards.  If you don’t have the time or inspiration to DIY it then find some makers markets or local independent shops, they are bound to be stocked with local entrepreneurial artists specialising in these.
  1. Be mindful with your purchases. It’s so easy to get carried away and caught up in it, sometimes you need a moment to think – do I really need this? When you step away, it often becomes clearer that actually you really don’t!