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Winchester Farmers’ Market

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Winchester Farmers Market is our largest and award-winning market, held twice a month with 30 to 40 stalls attending each market. Visiting the Market will enable you to buy essential goods whilst supporting local businesses.

Famous for being featured on Rick Stein’s food programme, our Winchester Market can claim to be one of the largest farmers’ markets in the country. Held in the heart of this historic cathedral city, we have over 80 producers attending this twice monthly market selling meat, game, goat meat, veal and buffalo meat, cheese, milk, cream, ice cream, honey, breads, cakes, fresh and smoked fish, a large variety of fruits and vegetables and apple juice.

Stroll around the huge range of stalls and sample some of the best produce that Hampshire has to offer. Stop and rest for a while and enjoy a coffee at our coffee stall and then explore the food to go options which include our renowned buffalo burgers, beef burgers, salt beef sandwiches, egg and bacon rolls, hot sausages in rolls, fish cakes, hot soup, our popular Hog Roast and mulled wine. Plus for the gardening enthusiast there are a range of plants, shrubs and trees.

Winchester Farmers’ Market takes place on the second and final Sunday of each month.

Please visit if Winchester is your local market and maintain social distancing throughout your visit. For further information on Hampshire Farmer’s Markets which may be nearer to your home please visit their website.

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Visit the Winchester City Council website for to date car parking and park & ride information and charges.

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Main Market: 9am – 2pm on the final Sunday of each month.

28th March 2021

25th April 2021

30th May 2021

Mid Month Market : 9am – 2pm on the middle Sunday of each month.

14th March 2021

11th April 2021

9th May 2021

Please visit their website for up to date information on market dates.

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