Viaduct Way

Hockley Viaduct

Winchester College
Winchester College

At the end of the pathway go straight over the crossroads and up the ramp (signposted Cycle Route 23) onto the Hockley Viaduct.

Before renovation, the viaduct was a mass of wild flowers. See how many of the 103 painted dandelion heads you can count as you cross the viaduct.

Look out for the benches in the recesses of the viaduct that were designed by Nicola Henshaw. The wording is from a poem written by a pupil at Compton All Saints Primary School.

As you make your way along the viaduct you will pass the newly restored railway signal. Look back towards the city for some magnificent views of the landscape.

At the end of the field look back at the view. Turn left and go across the railway bridge, then join the path on your right. Keep following the path to Bushfield Roundabout.


Next step

South Winchester Park & Ride
Go straight across the arm of the roundabout. Follow the path up to Otterbourne Road which will lead you to South Winchester Park & Ride