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Wonky Woodpecker’s Trail

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Winchester’s very own Wonky the Woodpecker is setting a challenge this summer for all those who love a trip to the local play area. Will you rise to the challenge?

Wonky the Woodpecker

Wonky the Woodpecker

Join the adventure to discover the names of Wonky the Woodpecker’s friends whilst enjoying all that the great outdoors has to offer.

This is a fantastic way to keep the kids entertained throughout the summer holidays without having to spend a penny.

The story of Wonky the Great Spotted Woodpecker

‘Who is Wonky the Woodpecker and where did his name come from?’ we hear you ask… Wonky is a Great Spotted Woodpecker who lives in Winchester. Legend has it that when Wonky first arrived in the city, his first stop was a visit to King Alfred. He was so tired from his travels, that he mistook King Alf for a tree. When the young woodpecker pecked the statue, he bent his beak! 

After that, he spotted the shiny new play area at Abbotts Walk and decided to call it home. If you visit Abbotts Walk play area in Cassandra Road, Winchester, you can meet Wonky. 

Since his arrival, he has made three friends who live in play areas across the city – a fox, an owl and a hedgehog.

Where's Wonky?

Where’s Wonky?

The challenge 

We’d love to know the names of Wonky’s new friends, and this is where you step in. Join the adventure to discover what his friends are called whilst exploring play areas across Winchester. 

All you need to do is visit each play area and keep an eye out for Wonky’s hidden letters. Once you’ve spotted them, be sure to write it down so that you can unscramble them to reveal their names. 

There are three routes to explore. Each route will give you the name of one of the three animal friends. The routes are:

Route 1Stanmore and Weeke to find out the name of Wonky’s fox friend.

Route 2City Centre to find out the name of Wonky’s hedgehog friend.

Route 3Highcliffe and Winnall to find out the name of Wonky’s owl friend.

The Wonky Woodpecker Route Map

The Wonky Woodpecker Route Map

Each route can be walked or cycled and taken at your own pace. Take the route in one day or split over a few trips but remember your pencil to write each letter you find.

Claim your prize!

For every route that you complete you can win a prize from Wonky’s exclusive merchandise collection. On completing one route, you will receive a badge, two routes and you’ll be able to claim a pencil case and once you’ve completed three routes you will win a water bottle.

Claim your prize!

Claim your prize!

To claim your prizes, you will need to complete the Where’s Wonky leaflet with your answers. This is available to download here or pick up a copy from the Tourist Information Centre – ideally located near one of the play parks! You can also access the maps via the QuizTrail app on iPhone and searching for Wonky routes 1,2 and 3. 

Return your completed form to Winchester Tourist Information Centre either via email or pop in on your next visit. You can even pick up more Wonky souvenirs for sale…


Drop in: Tourist Information Centre, High Street, Winchester, SO23 9GH