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The Snow Queen

14 Nov 2021

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Join Ballet Theatre UK in their beautiful re-telling of Hans Christian Andersen’s classic fairy tale ballet, The Snow Queen.

This spectacular production follows the story of Gerda and her quest to find her friend Kay, whom the Snow Queen has placed under an evil spell.

Gerda’s fantastic adventure takes her on a journey across the frozen north where she encounters a band of gypsies, enchanted reindeer, and a mysterious and reclusive Lapland woman.

Gerda is told by the mysterious woman to continue traveling north, where she will find Kay and the Snow Queen’s Palace of Ice.

Only Gerda’s love for Kay can release him from the spell and break the Snow Queen’s curse of eternal winter.

Ballet Theatre UK’s renowned company of international dancers, beautiful costumes and glittering stage sets combine to create a magnificent spectacle, all set to a glorious and magical score.

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For your safety, the team have put numerous measures in place to make the venue COVID-19 Secure. For detailed information visit their coronavirus information page.

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Tickets £23
Members £20
Concessions £17
Groups (4+) £16
Groups (8+) £14

Matinée £21
Matinée Members £18
Matinée Concessions £15
Matinée Groups (4+) £15
Matinée Groups (8+) £13




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Running Time: 1 hour 40 minutes (plus interval)