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Tavern Talks

18 Feb 2020

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Visitor Guide
Address: University of Winchester, Sparkford Road, Winchester SO22 5BE
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Dr Matt Lockitt: Reviving Classic Musicals

Some musicals stand the test of time because they continue to reflect contemporary concerns; others continue to be performed due to their nostalgic effects; some musicals simultaneously possess both of these qualities. However, many musicals feature problematic political and cultural representations of people and cultures.

Matt is Senior Lecturer in Musical Theatre and is currently directing a production of ‘Stop the World –I Want to Get Off’ to be staged at Theatre Royal Winchester on 20 to 22 May.

Tavern Talks welcome all who wish to particip.  This a public engagement initiative launched last year by the Faculty of Arts at the University of Winchester.  Envisaged as `informal talks on intriguing topics’ they take place, usually monthly, in the St James Tavern, Romsey Road.

All who wish to participate are welcome. The talks feature short talks followed by opportunities for discussion. There is no charge for entry, though numbers are limited by the size of the venue.

Photo Credit: Marius Saetre: Model: Jonny Ball

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These talks are free.

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5.30pm drinks for a 6pm start