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All Change

15 Jun 2024 - 16 Jun 2024

Address: Mid Hants Railway Ltd 'Watercress Line' The Railway Station Alresford SO24 9JG
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In the vibrant tapestry of the 1950s and 1960s, the spirit of change reverberated through every inch of society, from the roads we travelled to the melodies that filled the air. As gleaming vintage vehicles cruised down newly tarmacked roads, they symbolised the era’s newfound freedom.

The evolution of road and rail infrastructure sparked a sense of optimism, connecting communities at a speed never experienced before. Alongside the rumble of engines, the era resonated with the revolutionary sounds of rock ‘n’ roll, jazz and swing weaving a soundtrack for the cultural transformation. From the rebellious beats of Elvis Presley to the soul-stirring melodies of Aretha Franklin, music became a powerful force for social change.

Join in the celebratation of changes of this transformative era, honour the iconic vehicles, the timeless tunes that continue to inspire generations, and the last generations of steam train travel, reminding us of the enduring legacy of the 1950s and 1960s.

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Advanced prices:
Adults £27
Children (5-16 years) £14
Children (under 5 years) FREE
Family (1A + 3C) £53
Family (2A+3C) £75
Family (2A+1C) £53

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15th June 10.30am – 4.30pm
16th June 10.30am – 4.30pm