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Pride and Prejudice Tour

30 Oct 2021

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Address: Jane Austen's House Chawton Hampshire GU34 1SD
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Join us for a very special guided tour of Jane Austen’s House. In each room, discover objects, paintings and stories that reveal the themes, characters and events of Jane Austen’s beloved novel, Pride & Prejudice.

Walking in Jane Austen’s footsteps, you’ll discover the rooms where Pride & Prejudice was revised and edited, and where Jane Austen read the novel aloud to a neighbour on the very day she received her first copy.

Moving from room to room, you’ll see portraits of people Jane knew who may have inspired characters in the novel, and objects that help the story come to life.

This light-hearted and enjoyable tour shines a light on objects and stories that relate to Jane Austen’s classic novel; it offers the opportunity to enjoy, examine and discuss Pride & Prejudice with fell

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Capacity for this event will be kept low in order to allow for the best possible experience.

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The tour will begin promptly at 4pm.  Please make sure you arrive in good time to join the group.