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Moth Nights

6 May 2022 - 17 Sep 2022

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Address: Gilbert White’s House The Wakes, High Street, Selborne Hampshire GU34 3JH
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Moths are sensitive indicators of the health of the natural environment and a vital part of the food chain; something which didn’t escape the attention of Gilbert White as early as the 18th Century.  A monthly series of moth events  during the most active part of the season. Each time  there is an opportunity to see a different variety of moths as the seasons change.

Join the event  from around dusk to see how the moth lights are set up and experience the first visitors of the night to the lights.   June and July evenings also potentially offer the special experience of watching male Ghost Moths  on the meadow around dusk. As well as helping to identify any moths that are seen, the night sessions there will be an opportunity to experience other nocturnal life in the grounds especially looking out, or listening, for owls and bats.

These events will include outdoor activity including a short walk in the relative dark so please come dressed appropriately for the weather and time of year with sturdy footwear and bring a torch.

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Ticket:  Under 18  £5.00

Adults     £8.00


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6th May- 20:15
11th June-21:00
22nd July-20:45
18th August-20:00
17th September-19:00
(timings are based on sunset that day)