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All Saints’ Flower Festival 2021

7 Aug 2021 - 8 Aug 2021

Jane Austen's House
Jane Austen's House
Address: All Saint's Church, Church Lane, Upper Clatford, Andover, SP11 7HB
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All Saints’ Church, Upper Clatford will be a blaze of colour on Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th August for a flower festival.  The festival will celebrate the 440th anniversary of the baptism of local resident, Stephen Hopkins in 1581. In 1620,  Stephen joined the Pilgrims to sail on the Mayflower.  The flower festival was postponed from 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic and is in aid of All Saints’ Church roof repairs.

Stephen Hopkins had a very adventurous life and had already been to America once when he boarded the Mayflower.  Stephen’s story in flowers will take visitors from Upper Clatford, to Hursley where his first three children were baptised,  to a shipwreck in the Sea Venture off Bermuda, Jamestown, and finally to Plymouth in America, where he was the first Pilgrim to host one of the leading local Native Americans in his home. Displays will also depict the ‘Mayflower Compact’, a governance agreement that was signed by the Pilgrims before landing, farming, the very first ‘Thanksgiving’, Stephen’s business in Plymouth and Stephen’s children and grandchildren.

Since Stephen Hopkins’ roots in Upper Clatford were traced by American researchers over ten years ago, All Saints’ Church has received a steady number of descendants who delight in walking in Stephen’s footsteps.

Village organisations will be participating though sponsorship of the event or contributing arrangements etc.

A large model of the Mayflower, made entirely from 70,000 matchsticks by David Reynolds will also be on display. It is 4ft high and 5ft long and took nine hundred hours to make over a period of two years.  Due to the cancellation of the Mayflower anniversary events in 2020, David was unable to display it in Southampton, but All Saints’ flower festival will make all his work worthwhile!

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Admission to the flower festival is £5 to include refreshments.

All proceeds in aid of All Saints’ Church Roof.

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The festival will be open on Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 August, 11am – 5pm.

The festival will be subject to any Covid-19 restrictions that are in force at the time.

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