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Have fun this half term in the garden

Jane Austen
Jane Austen

Take a break from homeschooling this half term and get the whole family outside and enjoy some fresh air. Spending time outside in the garden can be a great mood boost, especially while we are isolating, and we have some great game ideas to enjoy with the whole family. If you don’t have a garden these games can also be enjoyed inside.

  1. Scavenger hunt. Why not turn your garden into a game of hide and seek. Bury hidden treasure around your garden for everyone to try and find, why not make it garden themed by painting flowers or bees on pebbles? If you don’t have a garden hide the pebbles inside – a great way to bring the outdoors in!
  2. I Spy. Gardens can be an intricate world of unexpected gems, relax in the sunshine and see if you can out-wit your family by finding something unusual to spy. This is also a great game to play out of a window, especially if you have a high view.
  3. Look for fairies. It is well known that fairies love to live hidden in gardens. Why not make your very own fairy door to encourage the fairies to visit and sprinkle some fairy dust for them? Little fairy fans can even write a letter to the fairies.
  4. Simon Says. A classic game that can be turned into an energetic workout for the whole family, just make sure you only do what Simon says. Why not include some gardening actions to test your family’s knowledge?Sunflowers growing in pots
  5. Sunflower race. Spring is the perfect time to plant sunflower seeds, why not plant one for everyone in the house and see who can grow theirs the highest? If you are inside pick your favourite indoor plant and try this as well.
  6. Winchester gardens quiz. Can you name all the attractions in Winchester with gardens? Or tell us your favourite garden in Winchester. Post your answers on our social media pages.
  7. Mini golf. Raid the recycling bin for cardboard tubes, cereal boxes and anything that will make an adventure golf course in your very own backyard.
  8. Afternoon Tea in your English country garden. Finally sit down and relax. Set up the three-tiered cake stand, finger sandwiches at the ready and get baking some sweet treats to go with a cup of English tea. Cream first or jam on that fruity scone?
  9. Turn your garden into a campsite. Campsites may be closed but don’t let that stop you – dig out your tent and spend the night under canvas. Listen out for your local owl or woodpecker. And then dream of the day when you get escape to one of Winchester’s glamping and camping retreats – click here for some inspiration…
  10. Get back to nature. Did you know Gilbert White – pioneering English naturalist, ecologist and ornithologist – would have celebrated his 300th birthday this July? Follow in his footsteps and hunt for minibeasts in your garden, draw pictures of the butterflies you see or research some of the wildlife attracted to your garden. Flower pressing is a great way to preserve pretty petals.

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