Winchester: Original seat of ‘Englishness’ itinerary

Winchester is a place where the seeds of the social culture of England evolved, including the language we speak, some of our best-loved classic literature and even the founding principles of our legal system. This half day itinerary will help you find out why King Alfred is our only monarch to be called ‘Great’, discover the secrets at England’s longest running school and learn about a Medieval almshouse, perfect if you have a few hours to spend in the city. 

12pm: Lunch at the Mercure Wessex Hotel overlooking Winchester Cathedral

1.15pm – 1.40pm: Briefly explore the Winchester City Mill

1.40pm – 1.55pm: A brief walk along the Weirs (following the River Itchen) to Winchester College.

2pm – 2.45pm: Winchester College for a guided tour. 

2.45pm – 3pm: Travel to the Bell Inn pub, to walk down into the Hospital of St Cross

3pm – 4pm: Tour of the Hospital of St Cross (guided by the Brothers) including collection of the Wayfarer’s Dole (a small beaker of ale and morsel of bread, traditionally given to travellers since 1132 by the Hospital’s Porter)

(Please note, College and St Cross tours need to be booked in advance and entry charges may apply. Booking is advised for lunch at the Mercure Wessex Hotel. Please contact the tourist information centre for details)

Hospital of St Cross